#095: 24/7 coffee&roaster ujina


This turned out to be the back entrance. The front entrance is through the shop area within the same building.


Through the doorway and up the stairs…



There are unique sitting-level tables, like a picnic!





I didn’t get to try any, but they have awesome-looking coffee cocktails.


Coffee – shakudo, their darkest roast.


Iced milk coffee – a large iceberg in the middle of the coffee.


Two of the Uji-tei lunch set (usually it comes with a bowl of five-grain rice, but I got bread and carrot jam instead, because of brown rice allergies).


My friend got rice with her set.


Pancakes with whipped cream and butter, along with banana & pineapple compote and maple syrup.





The proper entrance, facing towards the inside of the shops.


The entrance of the whole building.


“Coffee is a fruit.”


24/7 coffee&roaster ujina (トゥエンティーフォーセブン コーヒーアンドロースター 宇品)
2nd floor of Flex Gallery, 3-12-38 Ujina Kaigan, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
広島県広島市南区宇品海岸3-12-38 フレックスギャラリー広島店 2F
Homepage: http://commercial-art.net/wp/hiroshima/247-coffeeroaster-ujina/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/247coffeeroaster-ujina-206710012787285/
Flex Gallery homepage: http://www.flex-g.com/
<photos from Saturday 18 July 2015>


3 thoughts on “#095: 24/7 coffee&roaster ujina

  1. Ok, so I went there on Sunday. First impression: really cute, looked amazing. We arrived at 12:50pm and were told there was a wait – we would be 11th on the list, and was that OK? We weren’t doing anything else, so we said OK. We went to check out the shops nearby for about an hour before coming back to wait at about 2, though they still hadn’t called us. We didn’t have to wait long at that point, though. We were waiting for an outside seat, but they were already available inside, so we sat inside and then an outside one opened up.
    They took our order OK, though we had to change a couple of things because they’d sold out. Then we sat in the sun. Lucky it was a nice day and we didn’t have anywhere to be. The food came just after 3. Found the payment system a little unusual – pay at the table, after they bring the food but before eating it.
    How was the food? It was great.
    Are we going back? Don’t think so. Maybe if we’re there by 12 and we don’t have to wait. But probably won’t bother, as there are some other great-looking cafes in the area.


    • Heya, thanks for the comment!
      I’m sorry to hear you had that experience – that payment method was definitely not what I had experienced, we paid at the cashier when we were leaving. Maybe it differs whether it’s a packed day or not…or maybe their customer numbers are booming now than it was before.
      Please let me know when you go to other cafes in the area, I would like to go to Hiroshima again and try out more!

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