About Caffeine86

Welcome to Caffeine86.

First and foremost, I am pretty much a coffee addict, thanks to Wellington.
If I were a car, I’d run on caffeine.

I moved to this windy city of New Zealand at the end of 2008, and was awestruck by the number of cafes that were open – and reasonably full! – in this small city with not-so-many people (compared to cities like Tokyo, I mean). Later I learnt that apparently it is the city with the most cafes per capita, and the most serious in the country about their baristas and espresso quality.

Unfortunately, in 2014 I weighed my options and decided it was time to move out of my beloved city, after my graduation from university at the end of the year.
This fact drove me to keep a photo log of all the cafes I go to.
I started this blog on 24 April 2014, and I’ve been keeping it simple, mostly just with photos and minimum writing. This is because I’d like people to look at the photos and get their own feel of what the cafe is like, and build their own opinions and likings to it when they visit it in person.
My friend has asked me if I will be reviewing the cafes at all on this site…but the standard rule is that if it is on this blog, I like them.

I hope to continue this blog and show cafes from wherever I end up around the world.
January 2015 to September 2018 saw me residing in Kyoto – and briefly in Kanagawa – Japan.
From October 2018, I have returned to Wellington.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, PS: the number 86 hasn’t really got meaning…it’s just somehow my favourite.

Lisa Tahara
(last updated on 10 October 2018)


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