Africa List

Here is a list of all the cafes/venues on Caffeine86 from Africa, sorted by country/region, and then in alphabetical order.
So far: South Africa (14).

Those with “**” (two asterisks) next to them have, to my knowledge, permanently closed.
Those with “+”  (a plus sign) next to them have, again to my knowledge, relocated so technically still exists but will be different from the one in the post.


– South Africa –

Cape Town   top
Bean There [#118]

Johannesburg   top
Father Coffee – Rosebank [#116]

Pretoria   top
Alice in Waterkloof / Giardini [#099]
Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery [#101]
Blos Café [#117]
Broodhuijs [#105]
Brooklyn Guest Houses Tea Garden [#100]
Harrie’s Pancakes [#102]
Jam & Daisies [#103]
Spout Coffee Co. [#119]
Tashas – Brooklyn [#098]
The Blue Crane Restaurant and Bar [#120]
TriBeCa STANDARD [#104]
+27 Café [#106]