#201~250, Japan, Tokyo

#209: fururi

A cafe in Tokyo with specialty coffee and an eco-friendly mindset.

Pour over coffee.
(They had coffee cocktails too and I was super tempted but circumstances did not allow…)

Kyushu pancakes – pancakes made from a mixture of 100% Kyushu prefecture grown flour and grains – along with amanatsu marmalade.


1F of 2-10-3 Yutenji, Meguro, Tokyo
東京都目黒区祐天寺2-10-3 1F
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#201~250, Japan, Tokyo

#206: Hattifnatt, Kichijoji

A cafe that makes you feel like you have stepped into an illustrated children’s book, in the middle of a Tokyo suburb.

The name derives from those white wriggly things that appear in Moomin Troll.

The ground floor is mainly the kitchen.

Tomato cream gratin.

Taco rice.

A cafe latte, a chestnut mon blanc cake, and a pumpkin mon blanc cake.

There’s also a little mezzanine sitting area.


Hattifnatt – Kichijoji (ハティフナット 吉祥寺のおうち)
2-22-1 Kichijoji Minami-cho, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
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#151~200, Japan, Tokyo

#188: Café Kitsuné Tokyo

The first cafe by French music and fashion label Kitsuné, opened in 2013.

“Kitsune” means fox in Japanese, hence the logo and cookies.

Merchandise also available.

Iced Americano.


Café Kitsuné Tokyo (Café Kitsuné at Aoyama)
3-17-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Instagram (brand/label)
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